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The International Centre for Archaeology Underwater is one of the few archaeological organizations in the world that is primarily dedicated to the use of underwater techniques to investigate historic and prehistoric submerged archaeological sites. You will find that most maritime archaeological organizations and academic departments are particularly focused on shipwrecks. While we are work on shipwrecks at times, we humbly suggest that this is only a part of the history of the seas, rivers, and lakes of the world.

The Centre also strives to connect with the archaeological community outside of maritime archaeology. Everyone who works for and with the ICAU are primarily historians and archaeologists; underwater investigation is just one method to research sites.


Our Mission:

To provide a venue for the academy, federal and tribal entities and the public to discuss and explore maritime and underwater archaeology

To promote public education and awareness on issues pertaining to underwater cultural heritage

To assist CRM companies worldwide in the investigation of submerged sites

To advance the theoretical framework of maritime and underwater archaeology through freelance public research

To promote ethical means of carrying out archaeological and historical investigations based on UNESCO and ICOMOS guidelines.

To empower local communities by allowing them to interact and guide project development




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